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Hi-Tech DTH Products

Hi-Tech Pneumatics and Heat Treaters (P) Ltd., was set up to manufacture DTH Hammers for ground water exploration. Initially it played an important role in manufacturing drills for low pressure rigs. Subsequently it specialized in production of high pressure drills in various types and sizes creating a niche market for its products.

Hi-Tech Button Bits and Hammers are of superior quality and dependable, because of

Longer Life Compact Design with minimum number of parts
High Penetration Rate Low maintainance cost and minimum running budget
Capable of operating at minimum pressure Trouble free functioning

Hi-Tech Pneumatics Heat Treaters (P) Ltd., has all in-house facilities like Hot Forging, Heat Treatment, Machining, Laboratory, Testing, and Quality Control. Our unit has been modernizing and expanding keeping in time with modern technology.

Company Ethos

Quality and prompt delivery. Continuous development through R & D.
Adaptability to Changes Customers are partners in business and quality improvement.
Track Record
Fastest growing small scale unit in manufacturing down hole drills.
Continuous R & D for faster penetration.
Consistent supplier to State Govt. like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala , Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.
Holds major market share in button bits.

Heat Treatment

Case and Core hardness combination is very important in button bits and they are controlled by using latest furnaces in our plant.


The carbides used in our bits are from

Electronica Machine Tools Ltd.
Widia Ltd.
Sandvik Asia Ltd.

Since the carbides are bought out from the market, they are tested for cracks, density, porosity, sintering quality and other.

Shot Peening

All our Bits and Impact bearing Hammer parts undergo shot peening for improvement in fatigue life and performance.

Customized Bits

We also manufacture special Bits required by the customers in special sizes.

DTH Hammers

Our Hammers are designed to be aggressive so that maximum drilling penetration can be achieved.

Features of each component in the hammer,

Wear sleeve has heavy wall thickness and specially heat treated to last internal and external wear.

Piston has been carefully designed to avoid stress contours and carry optimum weight to give more stroke. The use of superior material and precision heat treatment allows our piston to last long with minimum wear and tear.

Inner Cylinder They are precision ground and honed to ensure consistant stroke alignment which reduce internal hammer component wear and allows for unrestricted high volume air flow and enhanced hole cleaning capacity.

Air Distributor has been carefully studied & designed by our design department by using latest Pneumsoft Software.

Front Chuck is usually subjected to severe wear and tear as the pulverized cuttings cause extensive wear. Keeping this in mind our front chucks are coated with special grade materials which deposits on the wearing surface.

Interchangeability, Most of our components are interchangeable with the same range of hammers in National and International Market.

In-House Testing, We test all Hammers for their initial performance using our test Rig.


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