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Assembly & Inspection


Our Quality Control Department has the best meteorological equipment for inspecting the hammers and Bit components. Some of the important and special designed instruments are shown below.



After thorough inspection of all parts are cleaned, checked for alignment, free movement of the piston, locking of chuck valve and back head assembly.


Testing All the hammers are tested for their initial performance with our Test Rig for a period of one hour. Critical parameters are observed like

RPM Alignment
Stroke Length Lubrication
Chuck Value Movement    

Quality : As you browse through our web site please remember that all Hi-Tech Products are made in India.

We design and build each and every product with performance in mind. We use only the best materials, Complete Controlled manufacturing machines for consistent Quality. When you use a Hi-Tech Product you get exactly what you pay for i.e. dependable, Long lasting drilling production.

How much of a difference does one Bit or a Hammer make, using a Quality product does effect your Bottom line. All Hi-Tech Products are designed for faster penetration & longer service life. We offer you a choice of Bit designs & carbide options to maximize your drilling production. When considering what Bit or Hammer to use you should also consider other factors like penetration rate, labor & fuel cost . These factors have direct effect on your Bottom line. The price of the bit alone does not give the complete picture. We advice our customers to consider the cost of using wrong bit or Hammer & not only the Bit or Hammer price after what appears to be a bargain really is no bargain. When drilling with hard rock & expensive drilling equipment you cannot use anything but only the best.

Consider this, we offer you our years of experience by way of our products , use Hi-Tech DTH Hammers & Button Bits & get the best drilling production or just make holes by using others.

All our products are shot peened for Quality.


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