Heat Treatment Process

Hi-Tech Heat Treatment

We are glad to introduce ourselves as quality Heat Treaters with facilities for Laboratory Testing both Mechanical and Chemical. Our Heat Treatment plant equipped with latest type of furnaces supplied by well known manufacturers. These furnaces are only one this kind in Bangalore and Karnataka. Also we have rotary charging machine to ensure timely loading and quenching of material for correct results. The staff is headed by a highly qualified Metallurgist having more than 25 years in the field of Metallurgical R&D. The supervisory staff have metallurgical background with appropriate technical qualifications. All these will ensure customer gets his material as per the requirement.

We undertake Polymer Quenching for carbon and alloy steels. Ours is the first unit in Karnataka to do Polymer Quenching. In this operation of material gets high impact strength due to deep hardenability and high percentage of marten site to the depth in the components.

We have facilities for Heat Treatment of small finished components in our double pot salt bath. This can undertake Heat Treatment of lengthy components without distortion. A washing machine is installed to wash off oils and salts from the components. We are sure that you will find our facilities adequate for your metallurgical requirements and request you to register our name in your Vendor supplier list.


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