Chemical Testing
Failure Analysis
Mechanical Testing
Non Destructive Testing


Macro Structural Examination

Defects like inhomogeneous structure, segregation, shinkage / gas porasity, flute cracks, flakes and splash etc. can be studied.

Micro Structural Examination

Structure analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous metals are carried out under Optical microscope at magnifications 100x, 400x and up to 1000x as detailed below.

Rate Of Inclusion: Type of inclusion and distribution as per ASTM chart E-45.

Average Grain Size: Austenite grain size of steels comparable to ASTM chart E-112 (by Mc QUID - EHN Process)

Structure: Observed at higher magnifications to study the phases in structure before and after heat treatment to assess the structure is satisfactory or detrimental to the properties of the material.

Vicker's Hardness Test

DIGITAL DISPLAY MICRO HARDNESS TESTER. HVS-1000: VERSATILE Features like measuring surface hardening, case depth measured by hardness servey by using smaller loads in the range of 10gms - 1000gms. Measuring hardness of surface plating / coating by selecting smaller loads depending upon the depth of plating/coating thickness.

Jominy Hardenability

Hardenibility is defined as the susceptibility of the steel to hardening when quenched from above the upper critical temperature and is related to the depth and distribution of hardness across the cross section. Hardenibility is measured for specific hardness or specific percentage of martensite after heat treatment and end quench/ cooling slowly by using the jominy end quenching equipment.


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